Recovery Month 2014 T-shirt

Here is a design I have done for a new Recovery Month T-shirt for September 2014. I was asked by the UK Recovery Federation to design something that was eye-catching/visual but which carried a subtle message. This is a papercut and plays a little bit with the ideas of paperchains and with a mandala (a microcosm of the universe and all that).

You can find out more about the UKRF here (and maybe order a T-shirt should you wish).

Recovery circle


‘Rumblefish’ Screenprints

These screenprints (and the original papercut) are for an album cover by Combineharvester for the album Brikks. This album is by a band including my long time friend Marlon. You can find the details of the album here:

I still have a few of these to sell, as does Marlon in Switzerland so if you are interested please feel free to contact me. They measure roughly 58cm (23″) x 35cm (14″) and are all limited handpulled screenprints.