Kings Arms

And another local scene, this time one that every local driver sees as they are stuck in traffic through town. Always loved these buildings.

Kings Arms 2



Now this is an experiment using coloured acetate. Not sure im keen on the butterflies but they were a good way of trying out the technique. Got the idea from the first episode of The Returned where they had dead butterflies displayed in a box. Thought i should try making more ethical ones to display in keeping with my animal rights history. butterflies

waterfalls at Ingleton

A first for me trying to capture nature in black and white. Tricky to suggest movement and indeed trees full of leaves with just a cut of a knife. Not sure its succeeded. Feedback would be great, and i especially encourage critical comments cos then i can understand how these pictures are seen by others. I see this blog as less of a gallery and more of a space in which to show what i am doing to my friends and get their honest comment. So bring it on all you armchair art critics.

Ingleton waterfalls

Ingleton waterfalls